Destination Zero by John Bannon

So many books, so little time. There is no argument that you get more from a magic book then you can get from a DVD. There is a wealth of information in one book compared to a similar DVD. Case in point, Destination Zero by John Bannon is a recent release and has been made into DVDs for the non-reader.

If you do not know John Bannon’s work and you do card magic, you are missing out. John Bannon has developed some of the most deceptive and easy to do sleights in card magic. His “Fractal” magic has revolutionized the packet trick genre and has been the forerunner in the revitalization of packet trick magic never seen since its heyday in the seventies. As much as he has done for the packet trick enthusiasts, he turned his attention to an ever blossoming genre which is self-working card tricks. These are not you father’s self-working card tricks though. No more boring counting or shifting rows of cards, Destination Zero has hard-hitting self-working card tricks which have their foundations based on obscure mathematical principles and good old layering techniques which are impossible to see through. Did I mention sleight free as well? These tricks can be done with an ordinary deck of cards someone pulls out of their drawer.

Whether you buy the book or buy the DVDs, John Bannon makes card magic look easy. The book has 25 tricks as well as a couple of essays on magic. The four DVDs has everything the book has and more. If you are looking for easy but hard hitting card magic that is deceptive but easy to do, check out Destination Zero by John Bannon, you will not be disappointed.

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