Misled by Timothy Wenk

“Misled” by Timothy Wenk is a re-release of a trick from many years ago. It was performed by David Copperfield on his TV show. First released in 1981, it has been unavailable for years. The effect is that you borrow a bill and pass a pencil through it. It can be done a few times and in different ways.

I wanted to create a multi-effect routine using the same object to minimize what I have to carry. I am happy to say that you are able to use the “Misled” gimmick on the pencil that comes with “Impression Vanish”. The “Misled” gimmick can be hidden in plain sight but not so for the “Impression Vanish” gimmick. So if you wanted to do one trick after the next, you would have to vanish the penny first and then borrow a bill to work with. Both items are well made and cleverly thought out. I definitely would recommend this if you wanted something lightweight and organic to perform with.