Lucky Seven by Tim Sonefelt

I don’t do Kid’s magic but I do like to support our members. Member Dennis Thomas spearheaded the revival of a kid’s magic group entitled A.C.E., the Association of Children’s Entertainers. Attending the first meeting of the year, I silently watched the child-like antics presented by some of the attendees. At one point I was coerced to come up and participate in one of the presentations. I begrudgingly stood there and was handed an envelope.

As I watched the presentation, I lightly held the prop which I was given to make sure I would not soil or bend it. It was after a couple of minutes it dawned on me that this “cheap” kids magic prop was an incredibly sturdy, well-made vinyl envelope. Able to withstand the grubbiest and dirtiest hands, this prop was impressively stout. It is designed to be a multi-use envelope which can be tailored to work with any presentation that required this sort of prop.

The envelope has a clear front pocket in which you can insert a front piece as part of the trick, a manufacturers or business owner’s logo. The vinyl which is used to make the envelope is thick and washable. Of course, there is the secret part of the envelope which allows the magic to happen and that is so well disguised that it took a little bit of scrutiny to actually see how it worked. To say the least, I was very impressed.

The envelopes are made by Tim Sonefelt and they can be purchased at They are sold under the title of “Lucky Seven”. “Lucky Seven” is available as a set of four heavy vinyl envelopes with a choice of 3 CDs. Each of the CDs has PDF files to print out images for seven different effects to use with the envelopes. Of course, you can create your own routines with your own images if you choose to. The selling price of the set is $49. I don’t know if the envelopes are sold alone. If not, that still only comes to $12.50 per envelope. It does not seem out of range if you ask me. This prop looks like it will withstand years of use. If you have any use for an envelope and authenticity is not needed, you should definitely check out this product.

By the way, if you do any kids magic at all, try and make some of the A.C.E. meetings. It will be a great way to pick up some tips or polish up a routine you are trying to put together.