Vision Purse by SEO Magic

I came across an odd item in one of those flash sales which has become popular amongst online magic dealers. It is called Vision Purse and it’s distributed by Seo Magic. Vision Purse is a utility device that allows the magician to perform miraculous appearances and disappearances of coins without a lot of effort. Vision Purse appears to be an ordinary coin purse with a vinyl see-thru window. The magician pours out three coins and shows the purse empty. One by one, each coin appears back into the purse without any effort at all.

I purchased the purse for a couple of reasons. I was already in the market for a small, lightweight purse to carry coin tricks in. If the purse can add an extra phase to a routine even better. Secondly, I was curious as to what I would receive because it sold for $15 on the flash sale and its original list price was $85. Well, now that I have it, I can tell you.

What you get is a 3½” wide by 3″ high black leather pouch with a clear vinyl window and a snap top. The purse seems to be constructed fairly well but like many other items like this, time will tell as to its durability. The methodology behind the secret is simple and I question why it has such a high original price tag. The purse will allow you to perform routines that you probably cannot do without a device like this. If you are familiar with modern equivalents such as Quiver you will have an idea as to what you can do.

Like many products, there are pros and cons. The biggest negative that comes to mind is the price tag if you don’t find it on sale. They are asking quite a bit for this item. There is much more magic that can be purchased for that price. Also, there is a handling issue. The purse does have a way in which it has to be handled for it to work as it should. You would have the “work it in” so it performs without a hitch. Finally, the video link does not work. Don’t count on any instructional videos to help you along, you’re on your own. If you can get this item on the next flash sale for $15 – $20, I would highly recommend it.

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