Portable Puppetry

Puppets aren’t the most portable objects to carry around especially if you are just going about your day to day routine. If you have that urge to entertain where ever you may find yourself and puppetry is your thing consider these options.

How about carrying around the Mr. Mouth Pocket Puppet Coin Purse. Mr. Mouth is a lightweight rubber coin purse with a cute face printed on it. The slot for the coins is the mouth of the puppet. Ever handy and taking up little space he is always ready to come out and play. The coin purse is almost ridiculously cheap considering it is a magic prop. Imagine the giggles you would get when Mr. Mouth starts to talk. A clever puppeteer could probably incorporate some hidden object inside the purse such as a silk streamer for a finale.

You probably seen these around for quite some time now. It usually is a giveaway at birthday parties and all kinds of children’s events. However, the original concept was designed by a professional puppeteer named Hobey Ford. Hobey Ford actually designed this for personal use to get his children to eat. Little did he know how popular it would become. What is great about Peeper Puppets is that there doesn’t need to be a script to use this puppet. Miming and silent action is all that is required to entertain children with this simple prop. The original peepers are made here in the USA and of course, the quality is superb.

There are also various sock puppets out there you can keep in your pocket. A cute set of puppets which are endearing to kids. Do you really have to know ventriloquism? Not really, there are scripts available to help the non-ventriloquist performer put on a fairly decent performance. The interesting thing about children is that the endow the puppet with its own life and they will talk to the puppet even though you are doing all the talking. Take a look around in Barnes and Nobles and Dollar Stores. Finger puppets, sock puppets, and similar items can be used to bring fun to an ordinary event.