The Opongo Box by Juan Luis Rubiales

As a magician, many of us would like to carry something with us that we can perform with. Perhaps, you’re bored with cards and would like to use something a little more solid, like coins. There are so many types of routines though. You can do a routine with a single coin, multiple coins, gimmicked coins, and coin boxes. Not sure what to do? Look at The Opongo Box by Juan Luis Rubiales. Rubiales was a graduate of the Spanish Magic School along with other well known contemporaries such as Woody Aragon, Dani Ortiz, Miguel Angel Gea and Mago Mique.

The Opongo Box combines all the features of an Okito box, Boston box, and Slot box into one. The box itself is made out of brass and is of the highest quality. Also included with the box are four matching US half dollars and other gimmicks. You can’t ask more from a single prop. The included DVD is well photographed and methodical and features at least seven routines using the box.

The advantage of the Opongo Box is, of course, options. When you perform with one coin, although impressive, where does it go from there? The Opongo Box allows you to seam together a series of effects which would naturally flow. In addition, if you’re skilled enough and the conditions permit, you can do a matrix with the four coins, use a glass for another effect, coins through table and of course in the end if you so desire, you can do that single coin effect as well. If you are looking for a coin effect that won’t break the bank and commands a lot of “bang for the buck”, I would seriously look at the Opongo Box by Rubiales.

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