Lotz Of Magic For Kidz

John Breeds is a well-known children’s entertainer ….if you lived in the UK that is. For 35 years John has been developing, building, marketing and performing to much acclaim. His attention to detail can be seen in the not only in the construction of his routines but in his props as well.
Apparently, John Breeds is a fairly generous guy as well. He has just published his second book call Lotz Of Magic For Kidz. His first book How To Create Kid’s Magic And Triple Your Income has been sold out for a long time now. Not only has John Breeds published his routines but he also has provided plans for building the props required. As you quickly scan through the book, the printing, drawings and even the texture of the paper speaks of nothing but quality. No less than 36 tricks and their props are featured in this new volume.

If you like to construct you own props then this book is for you. I give you fare warning though, you would have to really study the drawings of the props to get an idea of how to construct some of them. Although beautifully drawn, they are not step by step construction plans. Prior woodworking experience would definitely be needed, not just to build the props but to understand the diagrams. As I said it isn’t step by step. All that taken into account, I highly recommend this book.