Calendar by Rick Lax

In every form of magic, there seems to be the “holy grails” one would like to achieve. In mentalism, one would be the zodiac and birthday divination. In all intents and purposes, the mentalist would meet someone and casually reveal their zodiac sign and then the month and day they were born. Obviously, the impact would be tremendous. There have been several methods developed to do such a revelation that range from gimmicked books and electronics to verbal coercion coupled with mathematics. The electronics are very expensive and limited in scope. The gimmicked books are a bit bulky. There are ways to do this totally propless, but they are complex. Until now a simple method to achieve this was not available until Calendar by Rick Lax.

Calendar is a mathematical based formula based on the old birthday equation but on steroids. The birthday equation is a binary-based formula that will allow you to figure out a number the spectator is thinking of. It is a trick usually packed in with a child’s basic magic set. The most recent organic version of that trick is Powerball 60 by Richard Sanders and Bill Abbott. Calendar takes that concept one step further and allows you to divine the numerical date of their birth and the month as well. Calendar is disguised as a small handout typically distributed by a
business that you might find under the wiper blade of your vehicle or pick up as a freebee at a new age shop.

The design of the prop is very good. Calendar does not look like a magic prop and a great deal of effort was expended to make it seem like an ordinary item you would see around. The pamphlet is compact and was made to fit in your wallet or pocket. There are two mathematical functions you will have to do but its basic addition so most will not have trouble with it. Both calculations are independent of each other so if you want to disregard revealing the month and just do the day you can. Compared to other methods Calendar is way more portable and extremely less costly. Like many other revelations of this type, you would have to know the zodiac dates to reveal their star sign. Some memory work is required if you want to add that to the reveal. Unfortunately, there is no easy way around that. Calendar is a great way to enter into this area of mentalism and can be part of any casual, walk around set.

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