The Human Xylophone by Keith Field

I don’t do children’s magic shows, but I’ve often wondered how the children who never get picked to participate feel after the show. I also wonder how their parents also feel. Perhaps their child has been to a dozen parties and for some reason never gets chosen. Of course, we all know that there are only a limited number of participatory tricks one can do and most require only one or two children. Well, if you ever wondered how you can increase your participation rate without sacrificing the quality of the show, check out Keith Field’s The Human Xylophone.

The Human Xylophone allows you to bring up eight little darlings or seven and an adult rube to entertain for a solid five minutes. The routine is flexible enough to use the built-in gag opportunities but yet allows for more children to be up on stage for a photo op for their parents.

What you get is a set of nine tuned wind chime tubes so you can play a tune such as “Happy Birthday”. Of course, the idea is that there are antics involved in rearranging the kids, so they are the proper place to play the tune. The tubes are drilled with a hole and a cord is strung through the hole to use as a handle. Included are eight wooden spoons which are your “hammers”.

There is a little bit of a challenge in knowing how to arrange the chimes and where to place the children. Keith Fields provides written instructions with tips on how to make it easier to remember the order of things. I thought that the strings can be replaced with a color-coded ribbon to make the arranging easier. Using a mnemonic like R-O-Y-G-B-I-V may help. As with a lot of “Children’s magic”, it doesn’t have to be magic as long as it’s entertaining and this routine certainly fits that. To watch the trailer for the

Human Xylophone click the link below: