Dead Lock by Michael Murray

What is it about locks that attracts so many mentalists? Locks have been used in mentalism routines from the early 1900s. However, it was not until Theodore Annemann published his Seven Keys to Baldpate routine did the obsession with locks truly begin. Since then, there have been dozens of lock variations of all sorts used in mentalism routines both gimmicked and un-gimmicked. After 100 years one would think that every methodology was created. Not so, it seems there is always room for one more. Another entry into the seemingly unlimited array of trick locks comes Dead Lock by Michael Murray of MindFX.

Dead Lock bears similarities to other gimmicked locks of this type but has one major difference. What sets this lock apart from the others is that when circumstances dictate you can change the moment when the lock opens. Although it seems like a minor change, this modification allows for different performance opportunities. It can allow either the mind reader to have the power or the spectator to have the power. In other words, the mentalist can intuit the spectators’ birthday and have the lock open, or the spectator can intuit the “special” date the mentalist coded the lock with.

As with all MindFX products, the lock is well made and there is a lot of support behind the effect. With the lock, you will receive a code for the video instructions. In addition to the video, there is available at no charge an E-book with several additional routines. As if that’s not enough, Mr. Murray set up a Facebook page which you can join for additional ideas and support. Leaving no stone unturned there are six locks to choose from, three European styles and three American styles. The difference between the European style and the American style is how the date is put in. In the United States, we put the month first and then the day, but in Europe, it is reversed, they use the day first and then the month. Obviously, if you were ordering a lock, make sure you order the US variant. There are also three sizes offered as well. A small portable “gym locker” size, a medium and a large. The quality of the lock is superb. The wheels rotate easily, and the numbers are clearly marked.

If you wanted to give a “lock routine” a try and didn’t know which one to go with, I highly recommend Dead Lock by MindFX. You can’t go wrong.

To watch a trailer on Dead Lock click below: