Mental Key by Soorya

The Seven Keys To Baldpate is historically the oldest mentalism routine using a lock.  The premise is that there is one lock and seven keys.  Only one of the keys opens the lock.  Depending on the routine, either the mentalist divines which is the proper key to open the lock, or the spectator divines which key opens the lock.  In some cases it is treated as a bank night and all the spectators choose keys but the one left behind for the mentalist is the only one that works.  Over the years there has been dozens of permutations of this effect and there is certainly enough choice for someone who is interested in this effect.  The trouble is that most often, an expensive prop is needed, i.e. the lock.  Depending on the chosen method, there is a requirement for extensive modification to the lock which makes it kind of pricey for someone to just try the routine “on for size”.

Soorya’s Mental Key is a “seven keys” type effect at a reasonable cost.  For less than $20 you can get a routine that resembles what has been performed since the late 1920’s.  So what’s the downside?  Only five keys come with the lock, which in reality should not diminish the effect at all.  If anything, it will shorten what would be a predictable outcome.  However the lock is not something we normally see here in this country.  Where we all are used to seeing multi-plate locks everywhere, the look of this lock may make someone question its integrity.  In all fairness, the lock does lock and is impossible to open without a key so it serves its intended purpose.  As far as the method goes, it isn’t much different from other type of effects like Max Maven’s Kurotsuke, and if you’re familiar with that then this routine is similar. The instructions are basic and printed on a small piece of paper and there is no video.  In addition, the trailer is atrocious and does not do this effect justice.  This one will be all about performance since the method is so simple. Not wanting to spend a lot on a lock effect which I may not use, I purchased Soorya’s Mental Key and I don’t regret it.  It is worth the $20.

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