Rainbow Hot Rod by Mike Kaminskas

Can you recall the first time you saw the hot rod magic trick? I can, I couldn’t fathom how it worked. Of course, I wasn’t involved in magic at the time but I still remember how perplexed I was. Isn’t it amazing how the most simple of effects can be surprising and bewildering. Of course, the Achilles heel of the hot rod presentation is its quirky counting procedure. If it is one number you count and if it is another number you spell. Why would you ask someone for a number and spell it out? In addition, depending on the chosen number you start from one end or the other. It is just plain weird. On top of that, the entire premise is odd.

Well hot rod lovers, Mike Kaminskas has come to the rescue. Mike Kaminskas came out with Rainbow Hot Rod. It is more of a story based hot rod routine. By using a story there is no need to ask for a number or count one way or another. On one side, the side you initially show the spectator, the hot rod is covered with small faux colored diamonds in a rainbow pattern. The other side is covered with all gold diamonds. The story line should be obvious now. You talk about rainbows and what’s at the end of the rainbow. Of course, gold is at the end of the rainbow. By using a story, it allows the performer to embellish the story to any extent they wish. You can get the kids involved by asking questions about whether they ever found the end of a rainbow and other ploys to get the audience involved.

I would imagine that rainbows, Leprechauns, and pots of gold would catch the attention of even the youngest of audience members versus a stick that had different colored gems on it. Michael Kaminskas usually sells these at his lectures but I’m sure if you contact him via his website you would be able to grab this little gem.

Contact Michael Kaminskas at CorporateMagicman@Yahoo.com
Or on his website at https://www.mkcups.com/