Squeak Technique by Jeff McBride

Are you a box magician? Would you like to try to climb out of that box? Perhaps you would you like to try your hand at pantomime or acting? If you are thinking about expanding your horizons a bit, take a look at Squeak Technique by Jeff McBride. Squeak Technique is a DVD of routines based on using a mouth squeaker. This may not sound impressive but reserve judgment until you watch the performances on Squeak Technique. The use of sound like a squeaker in public performance has been since renaissance Italy and Jeff McBride updated this to appeal to modern audiences.

The performances on Squeak Technique range from a sponge ball routine with bowls to a series of pantomime acts using the squeaker. I have had the pleasure of watching Jeff McBride in person performing the routines from this DVD and it was hilarious. Although originally used in street magic performances there is no reason this can not be a quick routine in a home, out on the street or part of your regular magic set. Also given are tips on how to add sounds like the squeaker in performing your regular set to add more dimension to your props. Included with the DVD are two standard squeakers to practice and perform with. There is not much more to say about this one except I found Jeff McBride’s performances incredibly funny, creative and appealing. Definitely, give this one a look, it is highly recommended.

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