Loyalty by Paul Brook

Does prop-less mentalism scare you?  Do you hate memorizing algorithms, anagrams and mnemonics? Would you like some light weight, easy to carry mentalism that packs flat?   Well, you can’t get much flatter than Loyalty by Paul Brook.  Loyalty is an effect that fits on your key ring.  It is basically three key ring tags which look like the kind you would get at supermarkets, drug stores, gas stations and other businesses you would frequent to accumulate purchasing points as you scan them at the register.  Always sitting there waiting to be used, the Loyalty tags can be a one, two or three phase routine, depending on how much time you have and how you feel the spectator(s) is responding.  Like all magic effects there are the pros and cons, and with this one, you would have to decide for yourself whether the pros outweigh the cons.

Loyalty is reasonable in price.  It’s not a super bargain but you are getting three custom-made heavy duty plastic tags to put on your key ring.  I can see these lasting for quite a while.  Another advantage is that they stay in an innocuous space on your key ring until you decide to use it, you can never leave it home without them.  There are three completely different performances on the tags of which a couple can be intertwined.  The tags come with a downloadable video and PDF file which covers the use of the tags thoroughly.  I should also mention, the tags are nicely designed.

The negatives are personal pet peeves which you may or may not take issue with but I would like to state them for the record.  The first is the issue I have with all these effects that replicate “real” franchises and businesses.  Which is, they don’t sound like real business, at least here in the US.  For example, these tags are from Cinema Club, Hobby Zone, and Ethical Foods.  Although very attractive, they may raise suspicion.  Secondly, the routines as far as I’m concerned are what I consider basic mentalism.  Of course, that shouldn’t stop you from buying it, if you are looking for a small prop to use, but I would approach the three routines given in a different although more complex way.

Overall, I would consider Loyalty a good purchase for someone who would like a small portable prop type version of a drawing duplication, word prediction, and number prediction. 

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