Enigma by Paulino Gil

Packing a ton of fun into a small space to entertain some kids is a tall order, however, you can find something if you search long enough. Enigma by Spanish magician Paulino Gil just may be the thing you are looking for.  Enigma is a multi-phase routine using some short lengths of string and chain.  Nothing else is needed, it is extremely lightweight and is suitable for all ages.  With only some string Gil assembled a routine in which the strings change places in your hand, penetrates your fingers and ultimately become linked.  The routine is modular so you can use as many phases as you wish.  The origin of this trick is unknown thus its beginnings is an enigma, hence the name of the trick.

Luis Matos, the Portuguese version of David Copperfield, delivers beautifully made products under the name of Essential Magic Collection.  He offers complete four DVD albums of some of the most famous names in magic and also has what he calls singles. Enigma is one of those singles and the only offering by Gil that is produced by Matos.  Filmed in Matos’ studio, the video is well made, very thorough and entertaining to watch.  All the moves are explained in multiple angles and there should be no confusion as to what is needed to do to make the magic happen.  You are supplied with all you need and an instructional DVD.

Included with the DVD are two lengths of silk string about 3 feet long, one red and one white.  Also included is a thin chain the same length.  The silk string is probably 3mm in diameter and because of its thinness, the dirty work is easily concealed.  The chain is equally as light but mine broke in practice.  I went to Michaels craft store to purchase a sturdier piece but ultimately dispensed with using the chain altogether since I felt that phase was unnecessary.  If you intend to do is this as a stand-alone routine, you are good to go after some practice.  The move needed will require a little dexterity, it is not hard but requires timing. 

Since my personality dictates that if I am going to carry something, I might as well make it multi-use, I played around with using parachute chord, leather lace, and shoelaces.  All these other types of chords are thicker than the string provided so you have to make sure you are quite adept at the required move. However, using these other types of cordage will allow you to segue into other routines that would require a heavier chord such as ring on string and Leather and Steel by Al Bach.   Enigma is a cute teaser that will perplex everyone that sees it.

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