Withdrawal by Jeff Prace and Josh Janousky

“Hey Bud, you got a wallet, hand it over”.  Well, if you aren’t going to hand it over at least keep it loaded with some magic.  Almost everyone carries something like a wallet, a purse or at least a business card case.  Why not have some kickin’ magic thrown in there as well? You should carry Withdrawal by Jeff Prace and Josh Janousky in that credit card slot.  Withdrawal is a multi-phase routine where you pull actual money out of a $25 Starbucks™ gift card.

The trick appears as such, you produce a $25 Starbucks™ gift card from your wallet and mention you really need some cash.  You are holding the card and instantly a dollar bill falls from the card and the denomination changes from $25 to $24.   Not enough?  You pull $10 more out of the card and now the balance shows $14 on the plastic gift card.  This trick can be used anywhere, even at a Starbucks™ being the gift card look so authentic.  If you are not at a Starbucks™, no problem, ask if you can use the gift card there.  Of course, they will say no, shrug your shoulders and feign disappointment.  But wait, pull the cash from the card and buy what you want.  There are a dozen ways you would come up with to use this prop. 

When you get Withdrawal it will come with everything you need to build your gimmick.  Yes, there is some crafting involved but not too much.  The final gift card that has the $14 left on it, can be handed out for inspection.  There is a link for downloadable instructions (which is a trend I do not like) and everything is explained in detail there from constructing the gimmick to the handling.  All the moves are totally justified and will not look out of place.   With Withdrawal, you can become your local coffee shops resident wizard.  Couple this with a few tricks from Coffee House Conjuring by Gregory Wilson and you just may get a few “on the house” for entertaining the local baristas. 

*Spoiler Alert:  I got Withdrawal when it first came out and it was an actual reproduction of a Starbucks™ card.  Since then it had to be changed to a reasonable facsimile for obvious reasons.

To watch a trailer for Withdrawal click here: