The Storyteller’s Guide by Bill Mooney and David Holt

Who wouldn’t want to tell a good story?  If you think about it, when you communicate with your friends and family, deal with customers or perform on stage, it is all storytelling.  Stories can send a message without seeming like a lecture.  It isn’t easy that’s for sure.  There are sources though that can help you craft story into all that you do.  The Storyteller’s Guide by Bill Mooney and David Holt is a great investment if you want to improve your storytelling skills.  Both of these gentlemen are well-known performers and storytellers in the performing circuit.

The book is comprised of 27 sections assembled with contributions given by America’s greatest storytellers.   The chapters take you from getting started, rehearsal, overcoming stage fright, marketing your services and resources.  The reading is easy and the insight is valuable.  Even if you didn’t want to go into storytelling the advice is applicable to scripting magic and performing.

Whenever I buy magic books, I want them and keep them in pristine condition.  However, books such as this where it is not my main interest, I don’t mind a slightly bent cover or mark in the book if it is going to save me some money.  Once again, the great resource that is the used book market is where you want to go.   Whether you go through Abe Books or Amazon you can find great books in almost any interest, used at a great price.  New this book would cost almost $20 but I got mine in near perfect condition used for $8 shipped.  If the condition is not important to you, then you can assemble an extensive library on all forms of performing arts for a third it would cost normally.  Learning to tell a good story can help you in all aspects of your life.  Check out The Storytellers Guide, maybe you’ll discover the storyteller in you.