Story- Gami – by Michael LaFosse & Richard Alexander

What do you get when you cross-pollinate origami with storytelling? Why, of course, you get Story-Gami. Story-Gami is telling a story all the while folding a standard sheet of origami paper. The end result is that as you tell the story the folding reflects the story and vice-a-versa the story reflects the folded paper. For example, if you are telling a story about penguins living in the Arctic. The folding will produce an iceberg, the initials of the penguin’s names and then ultimately a penguin is made. It is a clever idea. The stories are engaging enough for grade school children and telling the story keeps their interest until the final fold is made and then the item is given away.

The Story-Gami kit includes a booklet, a DVD and 80 sheets of paper. There are twenty stories included. Michael LaFosse and Richard Alexander own Origamido Studios and are world class paper folders. They have no less than fifty publications that range from basic origami to complex museum quality type projects. If you like to work with children, expand their minds and have the ability to remember all the different ways to fold a paper as well as telling a story while you do, then this may be for you.