Cootie Catcher by Jason Michaels

Do you remember when you were a kid in school and the first time you saw a Chinese fortune teller? Wasn’t it amazing? This small flower like thing opened and closed to reveal who was your girlfriend or boyfriend.
It also knew what you liked and didn’t and told you whether you will be rich or poor. Back then, it looked like such a complex thing, and to some, it still may be. Although having an oldtime Chinese fortune teller in your
pocket is not really magic but it definitely will be entertaining for those you show it to. Cootie Catcher by Jason Michaels is probably the most extensive project on the Chinese fortune teller theme also known as cootie catchers. Cootie Catcher is a 100 minute DVD on routines, assembly, and tips on how to present the Cootie Catcher as entertainment. There are 11 fully fleshed out ideas presented along with a PDF of additional concepts and artwork to make and present your own cootie catcher.

The ideas presented range from walk around and stage. There are also instructions on how to make a stage-sized catcher. The DVD is amazingly well presented and thought out. Many of the catchers are designed with a forced outcome and all the handling and subtleties are covered. For example, who would not want a kiss from someone you are attracted to? Well, the catcher can make your dream come true if you handle it right. Along with guest presenters such as Stephen Bargatze, Jason Michaels takes you step by step through every phase. The quality of the presentation and photography is well done. Now, like every magic routine, you will have to modify the scripts to suit your personality. Some may argue that this is not really magic, however, if your goal is to entertain all the while endearing yourself to your spectators, this will definitely do the trick. Cootie Catcher is a familiar looking prop that is nostalgic as well as fun. Who knows, it just may change your future if you present it to the right gal or guy. If you have the nerve to appear slightly off beat in a funny way, I highly recommend this.

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