Will To Read – Steve Dela

Predictions have been in a mentalist’s arsenal before the word mentalist was even coined. In fact, predictions have been mentioned in the oldest of literature namely the Bible. People have always been fascinated with others who may be able to tell the future. Most prediction effects though require boards, envelopes, and other sizable props to make the effect happen. In keeping with my goal of reviewing mentalism and magic which you can keep in your wallet, this month’s review will be about Will To Read by Steve Dela. Will To Read by Steve Dela takes the slightly cumbersome and hard to remember Free Will prediction effect and tidies it up in a nice package that is easy to carry, takes up no pocket space, is a simplified version and adds a nice justification to the final prediction. In addition, there is a nice bonus effect that you can use if you so desire.

The free will effect is basically a prediction which has been on display the whole time, and it predicts the final outcome of the placement of three different objects, in this case, a pen, a coin and a card. The prediction is printed on a page and is cleverly written to eliminate the sometimes transparent equivoque needed in other routines. This effect is nice because it fits like other “pocket mentalism” effects in one of your unused credit card slots in your wallet. With this and a couple of other effects, you are always ready to perform where ever you are. Will To Read is a very clean effect and is a nice addition to your performance.

Also embedded within the page are nineteen force words which can be used as a mind-reading routine. The words are the same words used in Dela’s All About Eve book test. A second phase can be added if you choose by first revealing the prediction and then using the same page to reveal a thought of word. Having Will To Read in your pocket allows you to perform a good solid five to seven-minute act with a single page apparently torn from a novel. I personally love effects which can serve double duty and save me from carrying more than I need to. The only thing I didn’t care for is the paper stock the page was printed on. It is a European product and their paper stock sizes are very different from ours. I had both sides of the page scanned into a computer and then printed it out on a blank page torn from an old paperback book my wife had lying about. I think this gives it a more authentic and familiar look and wouldn’t look out of place. Included in the package you get a couple versions of the page to suit your performing style and ability, a crib card for the force words, some black envelopes and a DVD. All in all, if you are looking for small items with maximum impact this is a great value. This effect along with a few others in your wallet would give you more than enough to do on the fly.

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