All About Eve by Steve Dela

Believe it or not, book tests have been around since the mid-1500’s. Since then, there has been a myriad of book tests in every shape, type, and size. They have been disguised as regular hardcover books, paperbacks, dictionaries, magazines, crossword books, Sudoku books, street maps, cookbooks and even comic books. I’m sure I missed one or two as well in that listing. In addition, everyone who wants a book test has a different idea as to what they would like. It’s hard to find the exact one(s) that fits your needs.

For many, the simple revelation of a thought of word is all that they are looking for. Better yet, if it was totally hands off that would be even more impressive. It would look something like this…You hand a spectator a book, ask them to turn to any page they want, find an interesting long word and then the mentalist reveals the word they thought of. Impressive, even if it is the only thing you do with it.

If that is your idea of what a book test is then All About Eve by Steve Dela is what you want. All about Eve is a well produced and attractive product which will do what you want and do it well. Designed to give the mentalist three solid hits before a possible miss, the book test looks and feels like a quality item. The prop is available with three different cover designs so you can purchase the one that suits your reading style or buy the three different cover styles to offer the spectator a “choice” of books.

The concept used in this book test has been used once before in another book test which had a limited print run. Chances are then that most people including magicians will not be familiar with the method. So what are the negatives? First and foremost, the price. It sells for $148 and I never seen it discounted anywhere. I’m not sure if it is worth that much when you can get a similar effect (not method) as a magazine test for a third of that price and it includes two magazines. I was fortunate to get mine used for half the price, otherwise, I may never have bought it. The second minor complaint is that the paper stock is of a type which US printed paperbacks do not use. The paper which we use here is typically beige in color and a pulpy type of paper. The paper stock in this book test is heavier and bright white, which not only makes the book look a little suspicious but much heavier to carry. I would not want to put this in a jacket pocket because of its weight. However, if you are looking for simple, easy to do and quality then this book test may be the one you want.