Gingerbread Man by Bond Lee

The Okito Doll has been performed for decades. It typically looks like a stickman style doll made of straw and when placed on the performers’ hand it slowly rises by itself. The performance of this routine is normally relegated to Halloween performances or Bizarre Magick performances being deemed too scary for children. The workings of such are based on the rising pencil. It is a shame that such a powerful piece is cast aside because of the fear factor it creates.

World-renowned performer Bond Lee of Magiclism must have felt the same way so he released Gingerbread Man a cute, nonthreatening Okito Doll routine for children. Gingerbread Man is a colorful foam ginger bread man. It stands about 3.5″ tall and is lovely to look at and hold. The foam doll in extremely well made and lends itself to numerous types of performances. Themes such as holidays, love, friendship and even baking can be explored with this little prop.

The prop is sent in a beautiful little cardboard case which you would see in just about any card store. It has a picture of the gingerbread man on it and is designed as a St. Valentines gift. Unfortunately, the video link does not work so you would have to write your own script or performance piece. The music on their trailer is beautiful and would be perfect in a performance.

You would have to decide if Gingerbread Man is right for you. Due to the nature of its workings, you may not have the physiology or the mental attitude to perform this. In a roundabout way, if you are squeamish at the thought of getting an injection from the doctor, this trick is not for you.

To watch the trailer for Gingerbread Man click below: