Truth by Paul Richards

Truth by Paul Richards is a multi-phase Truth / Lie routine using different colored poker chips and a paper bag. The spectator is shown a black paper bag.  They are given five different colored poker chips and is asked to think of one and throw it in the bag.  Then they are asked to toss in another one and the mentalist will divine which was the original thought of chip.  Of course, the thought of chip is divined and the performance continues with multiple phases using more chips.

I saw Paul Richards perform this and there is allows a lot of room for the performer to inject his personality.  It is very entertaining and it is a fooler for even those who know how some of these things work.  What you receive in the package are two black paper bags, 5 special colored poker chips, another item which helps it along, written instructions and a link to video instructions.

The quality, like all of Paul Richards offerings, is of the highest quality and well thought out.  What is nice about Truth is that it is compact and fits in a shirt or jacket pocket.  If you wanted to carry something that packs flat and plays big this is it.  You can get a lot of mileage out of this one and it is always different because each spectator has a free choice as to what poker chips they would want to throw in. 

If one is familiar with different mentalism routines, it would not be a stretch to be able to use the props for other routines and get more bang for your buck.  A little imagination will go a long way and you may be able to parlay multiple routines using the props from this one purchase.

Unfortunately, after  Paul Richards moved on from Elmwood Magic, he only sells his products at magic conventions.  I would highly recommend it if there is a convention near you and he is going to be there, go and check out what he has.

If you want to watch the trailer for Truth: