Naked ESP by Mind Effects

If you’ve read this newsletter for a while you would probably remember that I am a big fan of carrying some items in case the opportunity presents itself and you are in the mood to perform. The question is often, what do I carry? Do I carry just one item, or do I carry many things and go from one to the next? Or, do I carry something that will allow me to perform multiple effects? If you were a card magician, a deck of cards would be the answer. However, many mentalists shun the use of ordinary playing cards.

Perhaps a packet of ESP cards would be the item to carry. ESP cards will allow you to perform psychic effects and they are far enough removed from regular playing cards to quell any fears a mentalist may have in using them. A packet of 10 ESP cards in a wallet with a couple of additional cards. This will enable a mentalist to perform quite a lengthy set without having to keep dipping into his pocket for something else to use. There are many types of ESP cards available on the market. I recently picked up an excellent set of cards that not only allow the performer to perform a huge variety of effects with the one set but can withstand the rigors of hostile performing environments such as damp, hot evenings and dirty and wet bar tops.

Unfortunately, most ESP cards are manufactured by regular card manufacturers and look like playing cards. They have playing card backs which are not ideal. Naked ESP by Mind Effects is a ten pack of marked ESP cards that are printed on plastic stock. They are sturdy and will last virtually forever. They look like actual testing cards a lab would use and have a feature almost no other set has, which allows you to read the markings even though the cards are overlapped. The set comes with several additional cards for extra effects. With some thought and familiarity with other concepts in mentalism, one can create a set of varying routines that bear little resemblance to each other. A 20-30 minute set is not impossible with what is provided. You would have to do some research on tricks using 10 ESP cards as no routines are provided. I own several ESP card sets and to date, this is my favorite. I highly recommend Naked ESP to anyone looking for a good set of cards to perform with.