Rejoined Express

The torn and restored “concept” has been around for centuries. As far back as 1584 in The Discoverie of Witchcraft a trick was described that involved the tearing a goose’s head off and restoring it. Of course, if we were to try that same trick nowadays, we would be slapped with citations from SPCA, lawsuits from PETA and investigations by ACLU because the goose may have been indigenous to the US. So, to play it safe and avoid crippling legal bills, we magicians now choose to use simple objects like newspapers, napkins, cigarette papers and playing cards to recreate the same effect. The inspiration for the latest Torn and Restored Card phenomenon was Guy Hollingsworth in his book Drawing Room Deceptions. Guy Hollingsworth inspired scores of magicians to create their own version of this famous illusion. Many deceptive and not so deceptive variations flowed from this initial handling. Although very different, they all shared one thing in common, once the first piece was restored the trick became anti-climactic. This was the tricks Achille’s heel; the result was predictable.

Unhappy with the slow, sequential and obvious outcome of the typical card restoration Joao Miranda magic released Rejoined and Rejoined Express. Together, Joao Miranda and Julio Montoro designed a quick, fully inspectable version of the Torn and Restored Card. Rejoined was the first version released. It is basically a quick, single edge attachment of a playing card torn in half.

In Rejoined the card is torn in half, the halves reversed and restored with one-half face-up and the other face down. It does require a gimmick, but it is fully examinable at the end as opposed to a traditional torn and restored card. Still not satisfied, they continued to develop a newer more justifiable version and released Rejoined Express. Instead of using playing cards, Rejoined Express uses “loyalty” cards from Starbucks and KFC. This way, there is no reason to carry a deck. The cards are in your wallet and you have something to perform in your pocket with no bulk. Either version looks fantastic. As the saying goes, pick your poison or use both when the opportunity arises. The quality of the products is superb, and the “loyalty” cards look real. I highly recommend either version.

To watch a trailer on Rejoined Express click below: