Riveted Monte by Magic from Holland

It seems whenever you perform a card trick, someone tries to theorize on how it was done. Very rarely are they correct? Ultimately, they resort to saying, “it’s all sleight of hand”. Wouldn’t you like to perform a card trick where they can not come to that conclusion? If so, try Riveted Monte by Magic from Holland. Riveted Monte is a packet trick that has five cards held together in the bottom left corner with a rivet, hence the name Riveted Monte. There are four jokers and the odd card which is typically an ace or a queen.

The set up is as follows from the bottom to the top. The bottom card is a joker, then the queen and then followed by the three remaining jokers. It is quite apparent that the cards cannot be shifted or moved in any way because they are pinned by the rivet. The only movement possible is rotating about the rivet. As you openly show the cards and then close them, something mysterious happens. When you display the cards again, the queen has moved from the fourth position to the third. Once again, the cards are displayed and closed. This time the queen moves from the third to second from the top. It’s totally mystifying. As you progress through the routine the queen ultimately sinks back down to the third and then to its original position which was second from the bottom. The trick is totally baffling even if you own it.

Like any trick, there are pros and cons. The pros are that this looks like real magic. It’s inexplicable how the queen changes position. However, as I said there is one negative. The cards are regular Bicycle deck stock and it is a brass rivet holding them together. The life expectancy of this trick is not very long. By the time you learn to maneuver it and develop the presentation, you may have already worn out the cards. If that’s the case, there are two options. The first of course is buying another set of cards. The second, which is what I did, is to buy a riveting tool and brass grommets and make your own sets. You can use the worn outset as your template to see how this little miracle works. Construction takes less than five minutes. As a quick, baffling display of magic, I highly recommend giving this a try.

To watch a trailer on Riveted Monte click below: