Torn 2 Pieces by Shawn Farquhar

You are with a group of people and somehow they find out that you perform magic. Of course you are asked to perform something but as usual, you did not bring anything with you. You stammer and stutter realizing that you are not prepared. But wait, you just remembered you have that photo you placed in your wallet just in case and the day is saved. Housed in a dark corner of your wallet, and taking up zero pocket space you can perform at a moments notice if you had with you a photo using Torn 2 Pieces by Shawn Farquhar. Torn 2 Pieces is a torn photo restoration routine with a kicker ending.

The effect is that you take out a photo of your dog, kids, car, whatever and show it to the spectator(s) and you then proceed to tear it into pieces. Miraculously you then restore the torn photo whole again but not quite as perfect as the original. You restore the photo, but accidentally the four pieces get all mixed up. You shrug your shoulders and give them the photo admitting that you may need a little more practice. The spectator is left with an impossible object and a memento of your presentation.

This clever approach to the torn and restored card routine is marketed by the infinitely talented Shawn Farquhar. Although not overly prolific in commercial releases, every one of his effects released to the magic consumer is a winner and Torn 2 Pieces is no exception. Everything you need is included with the DVD. The instruction is thorough and concise. A special program is included which allows you to customize the photo to one that you want to use. The necessary adjustments to the photo are all done for you which and for computer illiterates like myself that is a benefit. Once your photo is printed all you have to do is some folding and trimming to prepare it for performance.

There is very little to be desired from this effect. It takes up no room, in fact, you may even forget you have it on you since you can stick it anywhere in your wallet. The handling is easy but you will have to remember which way to turn the photo to position it for the tearing. The restored photo which ultimately becomes somewhat disarranged can be given away. The dirty work is palmed away and a person even with the smallest of hands can perform this. For me, Torn 2 Pieces is a great impromptu trick. P.S. the photo you print out is only 2″ wide x 2.5″ high.

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