Impression Vanish by Peter Boie

“Impression Vanish” by Peter Boie is a trick where you borrow a penny, clearly place it under a square of a paper and make a pencil rubbing of President Lincoln. You wet your finger and wash away the image, in doing so you also reveal the penny disappeared as well. It looks exactly as described. The penny can be shown clearly and frequently before it is covered up. There is no real slight of hand and the penny is gone from under the paper.

When you buy this you are supplied with everything you need, a pencil, a penny, paper and a special something that makes you look like Harry Potter. Every now and then when I buy a trick I have buyer’s remorse because the gimmick is so simple I could have made it as good if not better. However, in this case, the gimmick is clever and not worth the effort to reproduce. The penny can be borrowed to make it look impromptu but you do need to use all that is supplied.